The National Statistics Office (NSO) is the major statistical agency responsible in collecting, compiling, classifying , producing, publishing, and disseminating general-purpose statistics as provided for in Commonwealth Act (CA) No. 591. NSO has also the responsibility of carrying out and administering the provisions of...Read more



  • Copy Issuance of Civil Registry Documents

  • Authentication of Civil Registry Documents

  • Copy Issuance of Certificate of No Marriage Record

  • Electronic Endorsement

  • Reverification (RV) Manual Process

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Policy and Confidentiality Statement

Policy Statement

The NSO officials and employees are aware of the confidentiality provision that envelopes their activities and protects their respondents. Commonwealth Act 591 defines the parameters by which the office works, and provides reassurance that no information relating to the respondent are given out. This in turn raises the chance of obtaining more reliable information, information vital to the workings of society. The NSO recognizes the changing needs of society, and the avenues of opportunity opened by technology. Evolving technology places the NSO at a distinct advantage, allowing faster and more varied processing, and dissemination to an unparalleled range of audiences. The Office is dedicated to making data relevant and timely, and strives to balance it with confidentiality. To this end, the NSO takes an active and lead role in redefining statistics and its data, in society.

Privacy and Confidentiality Statement

The NSO recognizes the vital role of their respondent's information. Primary data gathered by the NSO is held in the strictest confidence and is assured by Section 4, CA 591. Balancing the policy of confidentiality with the evolving needs of society for valuable information, the NSO generally releases data in the form of summaries. Releases other than those in the form of summaries are considered when mandated by subsequent laws, and always in consideration of the policy of confidentiality.

Warranty and Disclaimer

The NSO warrants that all material released have undergone the highest quality statistical data collection and processing methods available to it. NSO data is generally available for free either through conventional data dissemination methods such as press releases, or through other more advanced means, such as its website. Publications and special releases are also available for a fee. In all cases, the NSO shall not be liable for any result which is due to subsequent processing of its data by the user.


In any use of NSO data, an acknowledgement of the data source would be greatly appreciated.